Employee Participation

Build a great team with a thought-through employee participation plan.

A great team is one of the biggest assets a startup can have, but building it isn’t easy. Startups often can’t pay their employees or advisors the same compensation as established companies.

That’s why employee stock ownership plans (ESOP) or phantom stock plans (VSOP) are used to attract and retain top talent.

However, setting up an incentive plan is a complex undertaking. What type of incentive do you choose: shares, options, or phantom stock? How do you avoid legal and other pitfalls?

We’ll design a thought-through employee participation plan for you and help you set up your option pool.


Below, our fees for VSOP and ESOP.

Prices do not include:

  • Costs for notary and commercial register
  • Tax ruling
  • Clean-up work
  • Implementation of the plan

If you want us to help you with these tasks or need an employee participation plan with different specifications, please contact us for a quote.

Usually, we work based on our own templates. If we need to review and/or amend your own templates, additional fees may apply.

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