Hourly rates

CHF 250 CHF 350 Attorneys and Legal Advisors
CHF 125 CHF 175 Interns and Paralegals

Additionally, we bill our expenses as a predetermined lump sum of 5% of the overall fee.

All prices are additionally subject to value added tax (VAT).

Fee models

Hourly fee

Within this model, we work based on our hourly rate with the final fee depending on how many hours we actually worked for you.

If your project has clearly defined and delimited deliverables, we are happy to set a cap – a maximum amount of the overall cost that won’t be crossed. If it isn’t possible to set a cap, we provide you with regular updates on the amount of hours spent to keep the costs transparent.

Prepaid package

With a prepaid package, you buy the amount of hours you want us to put in. This model is best suited for projects that aren’t delimited enough for a cap but for which you’d like to specify how much you’ll spend on our services in advance.


It’s not fun to get surprised by unexpected out-of-pocket expenses your lawyer passes on to you. To save you from unpleasant surprises, we bill our expenses as a predetermined lump sum of 5% of the overall fee.

When payments are due

Within the hourly fee model, we will keep you updated about the time dedicated to your case and invoice our fees on a monthly basis. Usually, we’ll ask you for a retainer (a fee paid in advance) that is due at signature of the engagement letter.

Prepaid packages are due when purchased.

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