Startup Incorporation

Get your startup incorporated in just 10 days*. Bonus: Legal Launch Kit with templates and checklists to get your startup off to a good start from day one.

What paperwork do you need for the notary and the commercial register? What stock split do you choose for your company? How do you set up articles of incorporation and shareholders’ agreement?

You have to answer a lot of important questions before you can incorporate your startup. And you’d want to make the right choices, because fixing mistakes later can be costly.

Outsource the headache of making the right decisions and the hassle of the paperwork to us. We’ll get your startup incorporated for you in just 10 days*.

You’ll get:

  • Legal advice that helps you make the right choices from the start
  • Done-for-you startup incorporation in 10 days*
  • Easy-to-use templates and checklists that will help you get your startup off to a good start from day one

Speedy and smooth incorporation

I have nothing but praise for the way EMBARK.LAW managed our incorporation. Despite time pressure, everything went swimmingly. It’s a pleasure to work with such a reliable partner. We will happily recommend you to other founders. Also, thank you for the Legal Launch Kit with the helpful tools for new companies. It’s great that you provide these templates and checklists, and it once again illustrates your approach of supporting and accompanying the companies in the best possible way.

Thomas Wehrli, Co-founder Egonym AG

How it works

Step #1: You meet with us on a call to clarify the details

Schedule a call with us so we can discuss the details and clarify open questions, such as what your share capital will be, what stock split to choose, who is going to be shareholder and/or board member. We’ll also discuss the next steps and set the timeline for the incorporation.

Step #2: We send you a summary document for your approval and the Legal Launch Kit

After the call, we’ll take care of open legal questions, like checking if the name of your company is still available and if there are any potential issues with registering it as a trademark (should you want to do so).

After that, we will send you:

  • A document that summarizes everything we discussed on the call that you need to approve
  • The Legal Launch Kit with templates and checklists to get your startup off to a good start from day one
  • An application form for your blocked capital account (if necessary) as well as any other required paperwork

Step #3: We prepare the documents and get your startup incorporated

As soon as we have your approval, we start preparing the documents necessary for the incorporation. During this time, we may exchange several emails with you to get your approval or signatures.

Once all documents are ready, we get your startup incorporated. You can choose to be present at our partner notary’s office for the incorporation or give us your power of attorney to do it for you.

Bonus: Legal Launch Kit

What legal matters do you need to think about after incorporation? What contracts do you need to set up when launching your company? And what paperwork will your investors want to see in your first financing round once it comes up?

We put together a Legal Launch Kit for you that will help get your startup off to a good start from day one and prepare for your seed round. It contains a set of templates and checklists specifically tailored for startups that rely on investor money to grow fast.

You’ll get:

  • Corporate housekeeping templates:
    • Invitation to ordinary shareholders’ meeting and power of attorney
    • Shareholders’ meeting minutes
    • Board minutes and board circular resolution
  • FATF notice (a notice you are legally required to file if you have more than 25% of the share capital or voting rights of your startup)
  • Employment agreement templates for you and for your first employees
  • IP assignment template to make sure any intellectual property created before incorporation is owned by your startup
  • Checklists with legal matters you need to address once your startup is incorporated. Among other things:
    • How to set up your corporate housekeeping
    • What to keep in mind with respect to mandatory insurance, social security and taxes
    • How to set up a data room from the start so you don’t have to dig for documents when your first financing round rolls in


Below, our fees for incorporating your startup as an “Aktiengesellschaft” (AG)* with cash contribution and common shares. If you need an incorporation with different specifications (e.g. contribution in kind or preferred shares), please contact us for a quote.

You can choose between a package with or without a shareholders’ agreement.

Prices do not include:

  • Costs for notary, bank and commercial register
  • Tax, employment or similar questions that can come up in the context of the incorporation

Usually, we work based on our own templates. If we need to review and/or amend your own templates, additional fees may apply.

Why get a shareholders’ agreement from the start?

A shareholders’ agreement defines the rights and obligations of the shareholders of your company. It’s a way to put certain incentives and safeguards in place, like founders’ vesting and other restrictions to the transfer of shares.

The shareholders’ agreement gives you peace of mind and protects your startup in case of unfavorable scenarios, like a founder leaving the company. It will also help avoid shares being transferred to people you don’t want as shareholders, or, on the other hand, make sure certain share transfers do happen if you want them to (exit!).

In addition, investors usually want to see a shareholders’ agreement in place when they invest in a startup. So, having one from the start will make you better prepared for your first financing round.